OOZA is a combination of designer Olga Z.A. first, last and father's names. 
Olga's path as a jewelry artist began in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she was raised. This city became her first inspiration: it's filled to its brim with northern modern style, mysticism and, which is difficult to conceal, decadence. Since 2019, she has continued her jewelry activities in Southern California, Los Angeles, which has become the opposite of her Northern hometown.
Love for these two so much different places is combined in her jewelry: it's often richly ornamented, mystical, but at the same time light, filled with sun and warm.
Her jewelry design style can be called as "small sculptural forms", since its distinctive visual features are high detailed plasticity and soft, delicate metal processing, preserving the sculpturality of each piece. Olga is concerned about the inner meaning of her pieces: she likes to “play” with the mystical side of life, staying on the side of humanity. Since 2020, Olga founded OOZA Jewelry, in which she was able to start implementing her designs and leave some space for experiments.